NODA…my 2018 venture (No One Dies Alone)

The only thing guaranteed in life is death, and for many of us when we pass, family will be around us.However, for some, that is not an option. That is where the No One Dies Alone (NODA) program comes in.

The program began in 2001 in Eugene. The watchword of the No One Dies Alone program is “compassion.”

Originally, the programs takes volunteers from the hospital staff, from all kinds of areas, such as the lab, ER, the administration side, essentially anywhere in the hospital and they’re trained in how to be “compassionate companions”. These volunteers are trained to be the people who are with patients in their final days and final moments. They do this because, in many cases, the family of the patients can’t be there or they have no family. The volunteers fill in for family or act as family so, like the program’s name says, no one dies alone.

Now, there are training procedures and certifications for NODA Programs to be available in every state. Hopefully, in every hospital across our great nation.

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