Doing My Part Helping Others

We all have a skill, trade, or natural ability that we have become better than the average person at. Something that we enjoy doing that helps someone else in need.

April 2016 thru February 2017, I provided over 5,680 hours of hands-on volunteer time  (100 hours per week averaged), at 2 patient care facilities in Overland Park, KS, where they provided  Alzheimer’s/Memory Care, Mental & Physical Rehabilitation Services.

From March 2017 thru December 2017, I will be obtaining the required licenses, and certifications to provide “In-Home Personal Care” in the private market. (Completed 2/2018)

I have also partnered with local state agencies and officials for their insights and guidance on helping other people in need of understanding, resources, and a cheerful smile and hug when needed. I must admit that every person that I have met attempting to deal with any form of Alzheimer’s has already done the same for me. And the Value of my website here has truly provided me more inner joy, outer smiles, and a personal value of my website “Caring With Our“.

And the N.O.D.A Program  (No One Dies Alone), the “Compassionate Companions Volunteers” are notified when patients in the hospital are passing away without loved ones by their bedside. The companions will come to the hospital and stay with the patients, rotating through three-hour shifts, to ensure they are not left alone in their final moments. During shifts, the compassionate companions can talk to the patient, hold his or her hand or just serve as a caring presence in the room.

Finally, I’ve had a pocket full of mistakes in life, some regrets, poor and bad decisions that are all understood, for I have learned how to layer them within my heart. And in my world, my heart is handed up to my Higher Power-Jesus Christ and as you journey through your life, I hope you will end up with much more Peace,  and a better Understanding of Yourself.