My Thoughts as a Caregiver

(Please take a minute briefly skim over all the pages on my site. You’ll be able to better understand the brush strokes of information that I am applying to my “Life Canvass”. For I’m no writer, poet, or a rock solid man of faith. I do believe in the Lord Almighty and I’m finding it believably more important to grasp hold of the Knowledge of Faith)

This page that I am sharing with you, is truly based on the events in my life thus far in 2018. For the past 4-5 years, my mother is going through the daily chronicles of Alzheimer’s and the rippling effects it has on our family. I came to my parent’s state of residence in Missouri on a 1-way ticket on April 2, 2016. I spent 16-20 hours a day, for 303 days at my mother’s bedside, either at the Rehab Facility or Nursing Facility. The following days to current date I spend 12-16 hours daily overnight assisting with her daily functions that escaped my mother.

Nursing facilities aren’t required to provided individual staffing, per individual clinical patient. So with no pre-determined date for returning to my home, spending time with my children, siblings, and close friends. I’m finding meaningful knowledge in all that I am learning about this disease from every teardrop of the undetermined value “Caring With Our Hearts“.


So let me share the blessings of caring, learning, and understanding real-life facts and lessons, that continues to change my own heart & thoughts. And this is applicable to any one of us…at some point along our journey in life.

After speaking to a few dozen family members and the spouses of the persons in different Nursing Home & RehabFacilities, I’ve concluded that the top 3 criteria’s are weighing heavy in all of the conversations that I have participated in.

  1. The disease or health issue that is affecting the person in the Nursing Facility or Home.
  2. The “Out of Pocket” costs of  Household Bills, Health Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare Co-pays.
  3. The Faith in the Higher Power that can become confusing at times while attempting to manage all 3.

These out of pocket costs are as mentally draining, as the disease/health issue itself. And for the People who have actually planned for their later years in life,  the expenses of “Golden Years Health Care” expenses is extremely alarming.

After an eye-opening mental check-up, from my neck up, I learned through conversations with a retiree from the Navy, and the DOD. It’s literally difficult to understand what is really happening in the “Real World”, and what the role your loved ones will have in our lives. Whether it’s immediate family and/or our extended family of caring friends.