The Value of this Site

 Our family lost my mother to Alzheimer’s on February 27, 2017 in Overland Park, KS. Her battle with this devilish disease started 3-4 prior. Fortunately, I was able to spend the last year of here life with my mother, every day since April 2, 2016. One year prior, I had this unknown desire to develop this website. I had no idea, no motive, no reason why, or what I was doing attempting to discover writing about anything. Let alone to discover and share my honest feelings and thoughts.
 I really wanted a website that was totally focused on Ourselves, Our Lives, and Our Well-Being. A Site NOT Bullied by one person’s selfish views, not even my own.
There are many reasons that I am sharing my life and thoughts here on this site. I truly believe that my belief and faith in the Lord above is truly affirmed. The proof is offered in my life, my Faith, the words of the website, and in ME. I’m changing before my owns eyes, relying on the Lord our God, and the blessings of the Holy Spirit.
1. Along your Individual Journey